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Quality and Cost Programs

Quality and Cost Transparency

We offer our members various programs and tools to explore cost and quality information to help them shop for care.

Medica Premium Program

The Premium Program provides physician designations based on quality and cost-efficiency criteria to help members make more informed choices about their medical care. Physicians may also use these designations when referring patients to other physicians and to support their efforts to provide quality and cost-efficient care to their patients.

Medica's Premium Program includes both quality and cost-efficiency evaluations with quality serving as the primary measurement. This emphasis on quality demonstrates a commitment to evidence-based medicine as only those physicians who meet quality criteria are evaluated for cost efficiency. The results of these evaluations are used together to determine a designation that is displayed to members on Medica's provider search tool.

Administration of the Premium Program is handled by UnitedHealthcare®.

Learn more about this program from UnitedHealthcare. For additional assistance, call the UnitedHealthcare Provider Resource Center at 1-866-270-5588.

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